Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Movie for 2007: The Queen.

First Movie for 2007: The Queen.

Again, it is a free movie. Haa.... This time round it came with free pillows. Haa... The movie is an interesting movie. It actually shows from the Queen's point of view on the incident of the death of Princess Diana. It also shows that the royal family is also humans, and got feelings as well. This movies uses actual scenes from the past and adds to the new scenes. Great acting from the lead actress, she had been nominated for a lot of acting awards, think that she will have one from the Oscars as well. Haa...

Work got off to another slow start in the new year. Hmm... Maybe the ppl here really forget abt me alr. Haa.... So what should I do? Should I send him an email to remind him of my existence here? Haa....

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