Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to my little sis!

Happy Birthday to my dearest little sis!

Today is my dearest little sis 21st birthday! Happy Birthday! Wow time really flies fast! Well you are an adult now so better start acting like one ok! So like the present that dad, mum, me and oscar bought for you. Haa... Can see that you are very surprised to see that hanging on ur bedroom door yesterday! Ur eyes jz lit up when you saw what was the present! Haa... Come on you really dun think that we will jz give u one DVD as present rite?

A sick polarbear, that is me, had to go to school today as his classes starting from today onwards! So poor thing! With the start of my classes, I had to miss my gym lessons! I am going to miss my pump and combat classes. Sad! Lectures, tutorials and TMAs coming my way! Before I know it, exams will be coming my way!

Jz realised that I had forgotten that I had signed up some computer lessons on Dreamweaver, Flash and HTML. Hmm.... Seem like my sat is also going to be packed as well. Haa.... Me really STM leh. Haa....

A STM Polarbear

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