Saturday, June 30, 2007

End of Jun 07

End of Jun 07

This month is pure fun and I had done a lot of things! Y? Cos I am having a break for my studies! Haa..... So this month I did all the things that I could not do when I am studying. Hee.... Of cos to spend more time with family and frens as well!

Movies: I watched 8 movies this month. Still ok lah. My fav have to go to Transformer and Surf Up. Hmm... had been watching a lot at Cathay instead at GV. Hmm.... Reason being? I also dunno. Haa.... Think GV must show more digital versions of movies.

Gym: Well did my first assessment, which told me to buck up! Also returned to do a lot of classes. Hee.... Also found something fun, Step 1 class. I finally decided to start running and have to say it was fun! Need to buck up more as decided to sign up for the Singapore Bay Run. Hee... 6 km run only lah. Still got Standard Chartered @ the end of the year.

Results: Yes I got back my results. Even though they are not very good, I am still happy as I managed to pass all of them. Haa....

Concerts: Started of with MayDay concert at the start of the month. As usual it is a 3 hours of jumping and standing! It was great and fun! Going for Christina Aguilera's concert tonight. It is my first Ang Mo concert. I am sure that it is going to be great as well!

Diving: I finally got to go diving. All thks to JJ and introduce a group of fun ppl as well! It was good to be back in water! Hee.... I wanna to do more!

Donuts: Yes! I got to eat Krispy Kreme donuts and not the Donut Factory one. No need to queue some more. Haa.....

Sick: After diving, I was down with fever and common flu. Think due to lack of sleep though. Hee... Had a great time sleeping and missing all my gym as well. Haa....

That is pretty much happen in the month of Jun. Hee.... Time really flies fast and it seems that I jz countdown for the new year and the first half of the year is over now. H,mm...... Well school is starting soon again and bear with it as I am reaching the finishing line alr!

Jul is going to be another great month as I got a few plays and concert coming up as well! Hee... Harry potter book and movie coming soon! I got rock climbing on 1st of Jul some more! Haa.... See... it is going to be great fun! Gtg! Cya!

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