Sunday, June 03, 2007

Athen, My nephew

Athens, My nephew

Tired after Mayday concert and a swim this morning (OK! More like lazing in a pool), I moved off to my nephew 1st month party! Wow! Come to think of it, I had not seen him since birth cos I was bz with my work and exams! Haa.... So excited to finally see him! Haa....

See he so cute right? Yes he is cute! His mum asked me this question like 5 times!

Spent a lot of time playing with him but then he jz decided that he shall sleep throughout the whole party. Then even he sleeps, he still so cute stretching here and there, making faces at the same time! Haa...

So spent the day rotting, watching DVD (Transformers cartoons), sleeping and catching up with some of my cousins. Too many kids in a day and sort of made me crazy! Too rowdy at times as well. Haa...

So now I m officially an UNCLE. Getting old! Wait till he started to call me "Uncle"! I think I will freak out leh!

A "now officially UNCLE" Polarbear

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