Sunday, June 03, 2007

MayDay Concert Rocks!

MayDay Concert Rocks!

Jz came back from the most tiring concert of the year, MAYDAY's concert! Oh boy was it great and tiring from all the hand swinging, jumping and standing. Haa.... I think my butt only touch the $150 seat for less than 5 mins during the concert. Haa...

So before the concert, we meet up with a group of frens at vivocity. Since someone is back from some country, he decided to jio all of us out. Sushi Teh we went, 1st time being there was surprised by the good food there as well. A lot of catch up to do since had not met up with the rest for sometime as well. So much fun! So are we going to meet up before you fly off again? I WANNA my "tau gay" chocolate from the bald guy ok!

After which, we moved off for the concert with HC, her 1st MayDay concert? Haa... A lot of ppl heading to the same place as us, EXPO, super ulu lo! Can hold it at indoor stadium next time a not? The concert was a sold out one so expecting at least like 8000 ppl there! Wow! Went in found our seats and have to say that I am quite pleased with the seats even though we did not buy the tickets at IMM. Hee...

Next, people started calling me to ask me if I had arrived and I went around looking for ppl as well. Haa... So in the end, HL, Rachael, Cannie and JJ were there as well. Haa.... LLT and HC also got their frens there as well. Haa... All waiting for the concert to start!

Lights dimmed and screams were heard, then a video started and Mayday no where to be seen! The theme for this concert is to leave the surface of the earth, and I think about the harmful things that are happening around the world now like environment, terrorism etc. The video took 20 to 30 mins before Mayday appeared and everyone was on their feet. Not everyone was willingly to stand but then if the guy in front of you stand. you cannot see, so you have to stand as well. I got the aisle seat so I got a big place to stand. However it was soon invaded by the ppl seating me. Sianz! At least they did not block my view though. Well at least the security guard/usher could have done something!

Mayday sang for a full 1 hour and 17 songs before they take a break. Crazy! Till now it is much more better than MAMBO last wed alr. Haa.... Although they talked less but then all the songs sang were great! Spent a lot of the time doing LOVE in "YMCA" style and before we know it, they were singing their last song. So sad. They did returned for an encore and again it was thumping and rocking all the way to the end. It is like running for 3 hrs! Plus all the shouting and singing, my throat also about to give way as well!

Lucky got HC fren to drive us out of EXPO, it is almost impossible to catch the last train or a cab. We got off at balastier and took a cab home from there. Reached home in record time!

I felt that the last concert was better than this one in terms of the concert pace. This concert started off too slowly (due to the video) and sort of moving slowly to the "high" part. Overall it is still one of the best concert ever attended where everyone was on their feet!

Oh yah can someone inform them that our National Stadium is going to be torn down from 30 Jun onwards and the new one will not be up by 2010. So if they come next year, they only can do it at EXPO or indoor stadium.

So looking forward to their next concert! 2 down, 2 more concerts to go!

A "Mayday crazed" Polarbear

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