Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Men In White

Men In White

Met up with HW today. Hmm... keep having this feeling that he want to jio me out but then I was bz over the weekend. So I decided to jio him out instead. Hee... Then hor it seems that he was not very interested. Haa...

Decided to watch a new local made movie that jz released, Men In White. I know that HW will like this movie as it is a comedy, in chinese and different dialects and it is a crappy show. Haa....

After watching the movie, it was really funny and crappy at the same time. The movie revolving around five cowardly and clueless Singaporean ghosts – a badminton player (Shaun Chen), a gangster girl (Ling Lee), a housewife (Alice Lim) and two hip-hop rappers (Ben Yeung & Xavier Teo), Men In White tells of their misadventures as they stumble through the bizarre rules of ghost-hood.

It was funny when the movie started and it started asking questions about ghost like what food do they eat, do they go to toilet and shit, etc? Then the focus went to the 5 ghost and what they did was funny as well. However midway thru the show, the movie went nosedived when most of the jokes dried up. Overall, the movie was a good movie for weekdays only, 3 stars out of 5.

Had a nice nite to catch up with HW and if you want to ask me out next time, jz ask me direct ok? I will sure make time for u one. Haa....

A "friendly ghost" Polarbear

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