Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stressful Step I

Stressful Step I

After deciding for sometime between movie and step, we decided to go for Step!

Hmm.. After my last experience with Step I last week, I thought that I will be able to handle it well enough. Oh boy! I was so wrong! It started off slowly where things started step by step, however things get complicated when the tempo gets faster and there are more steps to be memorised! All these after a day of work! Haa....

I think I made more mistakes as I cannot concentrate as I was tired and my brain was functioning slower than usual. So I stood there when I got lost and the instructor jz looked at me and kept asking me to carry on. So embarrassed leh! Haa...

After yesterday new combat moves and step, I think these few days my mind is wondering off as I am so bz at work now! Haa...

So looking forward towards my diving trip at end of this week!

A "confused feet" Polarbear

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