Monday, June 25, 2007

Progess of Gymming

Progress of Gymming

One of the things that came along with the gym membership was a fitness check and after a few changes of appointment (due to 1001 reasons), it finally happened! Haa...

So what is this test about? To test BMI and Wellness Age.

So what is wellness age?

It is actually your fitness age in comparison with your chronological age. For example, you may be 30 years old but your body is as fit as a 22 year old! That is good news. However that does not happen to me.

There are 5 main components in assessing your wellness age:

  1. Blood pressure,

  2. Body composition,

  3. Cardiovascular or stamina rating,

  4. Muscular strength and

  5. Flexibility.

Before the test, some of the facts I already know. Mainly I am unfit and overweight. Haa... So cannot hide that up.

The results I got:

  1. Blood pressure: Mild on the high pressure side.

  2. Body composition: Obese, in other words, Very Fat!

  3. Cardiovascular or stamina rating: Fair but need to improve on it.

  4. Muscular strength: Between average and good

  5. Flexibility: Poor. Well I always fail this anyway! Haa....

So all in all my age is 27 and my wellness age is 36. This means I have a body fitness of a 36 yr old man! OMG! *Faint* Sure getting old alr. Haa....

So there are 1001 things to improve on mainly from my weight to my fitness. Haa.... Now planning on the things that I should do to improve and the fitness trainer did give some useful tips on how I can start to improve on it. Hope that the next time I do the same test. I will have a small difference between the actual age and the wellness age. Haa....

Time really flies fast. I had joined the gym for 6 mths alr. Hee... Well my weight have dropped ard 8 to 10 kg. Hee... Pants a little loose, and now more active in sports I think. Haa.... I enjoy going to the gym and doing their classes and using their stations as well. It also give me the motivation when I see other ppl doing the same. Haa...

So now I think the main aim is to lose more weight, ard 18 kg more! Wow! That is a lot. At the same time to do more weights to train up on my muscles. Hee... At the same time still do the classes to build up on my stamina as well!

Now I am thinking if I should get a trainer to assist me in my goals? Hmm.....

A "motivated" Polarbear

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