Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A fun weekend diving trip @ Pulau Dayang

A fun weekend diving trip @ Pulau Dayang

The last weekend was well spent with a group of fun people and doing something that I loved doing as well. Scuba Diving! Come to think of it, I had not been diving for the past 1 year alr. I had missed the sun, the sand and the sea. Of cos the underwater world as well.

This time, I will be going to Pulau Dayang for the dives. It is a small little island 5 hrs away from Mersing. Everything is back to the 50s on that island, from standard of living, a small little hut with 2 double deck beds inside and a simple toilet, no TV or handphone reception, back to old simple kampong life.

The trip usually is on a punishing schedule.

Fri, 2000H: Meet at Causeway
Sat, 0000H: Reach Mersing Jetty
Sat, 0430H: Reach Pulau Dayang
Sat, 0500H: Check in room
Sat, 0800H: Wake up call
Sat, 0830H: Breakfast
Sat, 0900H: 1st Dive
Sat, 1200H: Lunch
Sat, 1330H: 2nd Dive
Sat, 1500H: Tea Break
Sat, 1530H: 3rd Dive
Sat, 1700H: Break
Sat, 1830H: Night Dive
Sat, 2030H: Reached Jetty, Bath
Sat, 2100H: Dinner
Sat, 2200H: Light Out
Sun, 0700H: Morning Call
Sun, 0730H: 5th Dive
Sun, 0900H: Breakfast
Sun, 0930H: 6th Dive
Sun, 1100H: End of Dive, Pack up
Sun, 1245H: Ferry back to Mersing
Sun, 1700H: Reach Mersing Jetty
Sun, 2000H: Reach Causeway
Sun, 2100H: Back to Singapore, Home Sweet Home

Wow now come back to think of it, it is really packed and tiring and I did not feel anything when I m diving though. Haa....

So for this trip Dayang still looks the same, peaceful and quiet. The water still in their crystal blue with all the corals and fishes inside. Haa....

The dives are good except now I need more weight on my weight belt. Hmm... Does that mean I am more floatable now? Hmm..... Manage to see a lot of things this time round, saw a huge sea turtle, and crabs during night dive, saw sting ray, trigger fish and many other types of fishes that I dun even recognize them as well. The water was warm yet cooling. It seems that I am always the one to use up all my air in my tank. Seems like my appetite for air had increased. Wonder what had happen even though I try to slowly release all my air. Hmm.... Maybe I need to redo my buoyancy test again.

The food, Hmm.... this time round the food is not that good. More normal food nothing to wow about. Last time the BBQ was great though!

The company. This time round the group of people are fun and crazy to be with. Talked almost everything under the sun and always filled with laughter!

I also got myself a very healthy tan from all the sun, sand and sea. Something that I did not have for a very long time as well.

This trip is worth the money and the time for it. Hope that for the next trip I will be able to go with someone for her Open Water Certification! *WINK*WINK*

Bad side of the trip: I developed high fever on the next day and 1 day MC and still pretty sick now. Hope that I can recover soon and get back to my usual activities! Someone is getting bored alr!

A "happy breathing underwater" Polarbear

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