Friday, November 09, 2007

Star Day! A-Mei's Concert ROCKZ!

Star Day! A-Mei's Concert ROCKZ!

Today (Yesterday) is a starry day for me! Haa.... I loved today! I have waited for today for so long!

Started the day at midnite with Stardust!

This movie is about a boy who went to get a fallen star for a girl! The star turned out to be a girl as well. However, 3 witches also want the star as with the heart of the star, will stay young forever. Everything is magical and they managed to meet up with a "gay friendly" lightning dealer as well.

Overall, this movie rocks! I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. Seem like there is going to be part 2 and 3. So looking forward to it!

At night, FINALLY THE CONCERT of the YEAR is HERE! A-Mei's concert! I was so excited about the concert! Hee....

Before the concert, we wanted to go Jumbo for crab, however the place is full, so in the end we landed up in No signboard for a good seafood dinner. After which, we headed to SIS. All ready for the concert! Yeh!

The seats are ok, I was seated next to the control station and it was interesting to see how they work to make the concert happen. At first, I was disappointed with the seats, well not after when A-Mei appeared and kept facing our side of stage. Haa... It was jz great!

She sang a lot of her old songs and was on pitch for all times for a good 3 hours concert ok! I was very touched during the part that she was singing with her mentor, Zhang Yu Shen.

Her costumes look great this time with her new hairstyle. Everything was done prefect. Well I find that the encore was not that high as I expected it to be, she can do better than that. Haa...

All in all, she is still the Queen of all Singers in my heart! Hope that I can see her in action again!

A "High High High" Polarbear

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