Monday, October 15, 2007

Can anyone tell me y?

Can anyone tell me y?

Recently, me and one of my fren found out that one of our mutual fren is in a relationship. That was some 5 months ago and to think that he jz refused to tell us who the special girl is. Hmm.... Consider the frenship between the 3 of us are pretty good and close, he decided not to tell us.

So we went on a mission to find out who, since I found out that one of my fren had seen the pic of his galfren. Hmm... Y show her and not to us? Sigh.... Even much pestering and forcing, we could not get anything out of it. The only thing we got out was his galfren turn out to be some one both of us know. Hmm.... Big clue and it took us 5 months to get that clue out. Sigh... Thru elimination we had sort of know who is the galfren.

At the hen party recently, the guy and the gal came together and pretty much DOES NOT behave like they are a couple. Until when they are not in the big group and start to hold (more like touch to me) each other hands and keep passing a bag to each other (Dun ask me, I also wanna to know y? Maybe the guy find the bag to heavy.).

After which the guy still refuses to admit that the gal is his galfren? Y? If I am the gal, I will chop off his D*** and break off with him. Haa... Lucky I am not a woman.

So now are they out in the public or still underground? To stay underground for 6 months a bit too much right. I mean if you are in a relationship, it is good news and good to share with frens around you. Y must hide? Especially to the whole group of close frens.

To me, I dun consider that guy a close fren (but still a normal fren) any more. Well it is also consider a form of cheating! I dun even bother to ask the gal about the whole thing. If they intend to rent an underground flat from HDB and stay underground forever, be it.

Oh ya, dun even bother to invite me to your wedding if there is one. I will be too busy to attend it anyway.

Can anyone tell me the reason behind the whole underground thing? They not proud of each other to be seen in public or they jz shy?

A "clueless" Polarbear

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