Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Black Eyed Peas Black Blue and You Concert!

The Black Eyed Peas Black Blue and You Concert!

Again I got free tickets to watch Black Eyed Peas concert! Although, they are balcony seats (Yes! Me 1st time there! Up there so high!), but they offer a great view as well. Haa... A bit far and they seem a bit small but then WTH! Free tickets leh.

So the concert was opened by The Click Five, who spent 45 mins warming up the crowd. They did warm up those small little girls! Come on bring the BEP on anytime! Haa....

At ard 9pm, they appeared! The whole crowd went crazy! Almost everyone stood up, yes almost, the people around me did not. Haa... Boring. BEP is really good esp Fergie! She is beautiful, and not to mention SEXY!

They sang all their famous songs, including My Hump, Don't Lie, Where is the love? etc.... Of cos Fergie also sang songs from her own album as well.

Well in short the concert was great other then that it was held on a Monday night.

Maybe next time they come, I will pay for my own tickets!

A "Peace Out" Polarbear

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