Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bz with work!

Bz with work!

Polarbear had been leading boring life recently where my main focus had been on work as one of my projects' deadline is due.

That PM also did something that angered me as well. Instead of calling me to check on the status, he called my manager and asked her instead. So call using the top down method on me! WTF! So in the end, instead of putting much thought into it, I jz dumped everything in.

Then I finished all the required stuff today and supposed to pass it to him, he called me and told me he is very bz and could not get it form me today and to get it from me 2molo. So does the things from me urgent or not urgent? I wonder?

So one project done! I got to start on another one! Deadline also looming soon!

From my boss, I got one MEGA project coming soon! I wonder if I am able to handle that! Especially after seeing my colleagues being stressed from the same project (1st round).

My exams also coming in a month time. Better buck up now as well. Haa....

Wish me luck!

A "time not enough" Polarbear

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