Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pearlina's Hen Party and Briefing Dinner

Pearlina's Hen Party and Briefing Dinner

Yesterday was Pearlina's hen party, she is going to get married in 2 weeks time! Congrats! Haa....

The planning of the hen party started way off, getting both 2 different groups of her frens together was one big task! Haa... A plan was out (well a rough one), after discussing endless time on msn and even met up to discuss once (I did not join in that as I got something on)!

So the plan was we had a surprise dinner for her and after which we all "left" and meet back at the club. Haa....

So the dinner part went on smoothly, except it started off late and met up with a few people who I had not seen them for sometime. Almost everyone was in the dress code of the day which is white top and blue bottom. Haa...

After which, hang out at Mac for a while before we decided to move off to Play, to wait for Pearlina and the rest. Y Play? Well Pearlina always like gay clubs anyway. Hee... So the rest oft eh gals blindfolded her and brought her to the club and "surprised" to see us there again. Haa.... One thing, it is fun to see HL being so stressed! I jz loved it!

Nothing much happen at Play. BORING! Decided to go home and I had supper at Maxwell. Haa... Pearlina was not feeling too well so we did not sabo her much as well. Dun worry there is always her wedding to sabo her! Haa....

Sat, Pearlina decided to hold a steamboat buffet at her new house. It is for her jie mei and emcee (which is me! Haa...). Finally met Jason, The Groom.

Her new flat, not really new, almost 20 yrs old alr, was well decorated. Zen style. Nice and cosy! I like! The gals really went crazy, took photos fromt he ground floor, in front of the garbage collection centre, to every room in the flat even the toilet was not spared!

The whole steamboat was done by Jason and I was impressed by it! Quite good. Lucky Pearlina. The after eating was the discussion held in the room while there would be another surprise going to happen as QQ birthday is coming soon!

She was caught off surprised as well and was happy by it. So we had cake, ice cream and wine for dessert. Haa....

After watching some tv, the gals really so drama watching tv, decided to call it a night!

I am really tired after 2 days of happening. Up next, "THE WEDDING"!

A "tired" Polarbear

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