Sunday, December 02, 2007

I did it!

I did it!

Having training a few weeks before the run, I still not confident of myself completing the run.

The target that I set myself for this run:
Distance: 10km
Target time to complete: 1.5hrs without stopping or walking.

I did not managed to get a good night rest, I think in fact I did not sleep at all, due to the excitement and being nervous as I have not ran such a "long" distance since the 21km 7 years ago. Haa.... Yes I know it is only 10km, but then I dun like running remember?

So woke up at 5.15am, got ready, decided not to have any breakfast less water. Met up with SP along the way on the train. The train is almost full in the morning, most of the people going for the run. Haa...Met up with Danny and his frens at the station then move on to deposit baggage.

Before I know it, started some warming up, moved to the start off point, heard them countdown and it started. Not really until we walked to the starting point and we started running. It was a huge turnout, reminded me of the New Paper Big Walk.

Since this is my own race, decided to do it in my pace. Thks to SP for running with me. Hee... Lost Danny after 2km. All was in my mind was run and dun stop. Soon reached the 1st water point, went past the 2nd one, can see the mid point turn. So far so good, still running! Hee... Feet started to get heavy, switched to more power songs, reached 3rd water point. Can see Raffles place MRT, after a quick drink of 100plus, decided it is time to open up! Open up my legs and headed towards the finish line. Saw the timer @ 1:19:30, rushed thru the crowd to make sure I crossed the finishing line before 1:20:00. Hee... Yeah! I completed the run!

Actual results:
Gun time: 1:20:00
Net time: 1:12:29
Average speed: 8.3 kph

Come to think of it, it is better than expected. Haa... Well we started some distance off the start point, that explains the time difference between gun and net time.

So I had met my target for the run. Hee... So happy for myself!

A present for myself!

SCM 10km Medal

So look out 2008, 21km here I come! 2009 42km?

Congrats to Pearlina for completing her first full marathon, and LLT, Cannie, SP and Danny for completing 10km. Remember we got 21km to complete next year ok?

A "motivated" Polarbear

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