Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movies update!

Movies update!

This post is going to be very very lengthy cos it is all about the movies that I have missed out for the past few days. Hee...

National Secrets: Books of Treasures

This movie is not really consider a sequel, more like a continuation. Again they are on another adventure, this time to clear the name of the Gates, his grandfather. So this time they even as far as to kidnap the president. Haa... All in all, this is a fast action packed movie. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Have to say Helen Mirren is actually good in action movies as well. Haa.... I can see that they will be more of the same movies coming out.

Good Luck Chuck

Hmm... The reason I wanna to watch this movie cos I termed it as a brainless movie. This movie is about a guy was jinxed when he was young that he will nvr find his true love as the girl will marries the next guy that comes along. This really come true when he grows older and he was always the "loser" being invited to the wedding. So the word got out and tons and tons of desperate women like to have sex with him hoping to get married with the next guy that comes along. He started his "charity" work until he saw a girl he like.

This movie is a bit boring and jokes are no longer new. I give this movie 1 star out of 5. Next!

The Warlords

This is one of the biggest Chinese movie of the year and who would missed it? With the 3 biggest stars, this movie is bound to be a hit. Well almost. Hee.... The movie is about 3 guys who step into brotherhood but as each of them believed in different things that caused them to break up in the end. it was a war movie so a lot of big scenes. Overall I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. I do find adding in the love triangle sub plot is totally too extra.

A "think I am watching too many movies" Polarbear

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