Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Party with a twist!

A Christmas Party with a twist!

Merry Christmas to all! May joy and peace be with you! Ho! Ho! Ho!

This year, Pearlina held a housewarming cum potluck party at her home. So we all are invited. So long ago we decided to prepare agar agar and potato salad, well cos they are simple to made. I was forced to make the potato salad. Hee...

So we all went with different kind of food and took tons of photos. The food was food, a lot of variety of food and all are simply good even though there are some ready cook food. But there was a twist! Since we decided to watch the Warlords, I was bz trying to book the tickets, then suddenly I walked out of the room, they are playing PS3 and I was asked to take over and LOST! Sigh... then there is a forfeit where I need to be blindfolded. They had prepared some combination of food for me, then tickled me, the surprise was out when I removed my blindfold.

There was a BIRTHDAY CAKE sitting right in front of me, on the cake written "Happy Birthday Ah-Bui". Oh boy was I surprised and touched! This is the 1st time ever I got a surprise birthday cake in my life! Hee... This was planned by LLT and Pearlina. Haa... It was a good one! I really was not prepared for it! Really Thks! I loved SURPRISES!

After whic, gift exchange, and we went for movie.

Overall, it was a good xmas celebration! I got a lot of presents. So sorry that I did not prepared anything for you all as well. Next yr ok! Thks guys for the cake as well!

A "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Polarbear

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