Wednesday, December 05, 2007



I was "dragged" to this Spin I class today. Well, we always wanted to give it a try but did not find the right class or time to do it.

Before I start, I was thinking how siong can it be, by cycling on a bicycle. Erhh... FYI, Polarbear dunno how to ride a bike. Haa....

5 mins into the class, OMG! I was so wrong! My legs are simple aching alr. Haa.... Super siong man! Then we have to go uphill and downhill, butt off the seat and butt on the seat. Driving me crazy man! Haa.... I think it is more siong than running lo. haa...

However I find the class fun, maybe can give it more tries to get used to it.

So spin class here i come!

Have to thks grace for introducing the class to us. Haa...

A "spinning around" Polarbear

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