Sunday, December 30, 2007

Review of 2007!

Review of 2007!

This year had been one of the more exciting year for me! Haa... Time really seem to fly past before my eyes.

Watched 6 movies.
Watch a very funny play "Chestnut" series.
Watched Rain's concert (FOC)
Started my gym with pump and combat classes like 3 to 4 times a week. Good start.
First time trying Body Balance.
Start of school. (Sem 1)
Went Mambo

Watched 8 movies.
Started a new journey with YOU!
Did Vertical Marathon
Get to work with a new colleague! Uncle!
Got call up for reservist in Sep 07! WTH?

Watched 7 movies
Watched Tituodao
Watched Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo
Went MOS! Disappointing!

Watched 5 movies.
Watched Phantom of the Opera. Finally!
Watched Jolin's Concert.
Moved back to HQ.
First 2 hr Combat. Siong!

Watched 3 movies.
First time trying Step
Learnt that never go Mambo on a eve of a holiday
Birth of Athens, my nephew!
Oscar one year old birthday!

Watched 8 movies.
Went Diving @ Dayang
Watched Mayday and Christina Aguiliera's Concert
Tasted Krispy Kreme donuts
Got back my "ok" exam results

Watched 5 movies.
Watch Dim Sum Dollies.
Watched Happy Ending: Vol 3.
Watched Jacky Cheung 's Concert. Saw and hear the "god" sing.
Read Harry Potter last book!
School started. (Sem 2)

Watched 5 movies.
Brought Oscar for National Dog Walk
Signed up for SCM 10km.
First time trying Body Jam and got hooked!
Started my Hep A and B jab.

Watched 5 movies
SMRT Challenge 3rd time round
A trip to Night Safari
Reservist. Boring!
Started running.
Watched Chen Qi Zhen's concert, which turn out crazy!

Watched 6 movies.
Watched Kumar's show
Watched Black Eyed Peas's Concert (FOC)
Emcee for Pearlina's wedding
Spent 3 hours doing a 48 pcs puzzle. CMI.

Watched 6 movies.
Watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Watched A-mei's Concert! The BEST one of the year!
Worked in current company for a year! Yeah!

Watched 8 movies.
Ran and Finished my 10km run!
Celebrated birthdays including mine.
First time tried Spin.
First time tried Spa.
First time tried prawn fishing.
Got back my better than expected results on my birthday!

Wow! From above can see that I had been watching a lot of plays, musical, concerts and movies! Haa.... Did a few things that I am very proud of! Hee....

So in summary, it had been an eventful year with lots of ups and down! Hope that 2008 will be much better!

A "looking foward to 2008" Polarbear

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