Monday, December 17, 2007

Time for a lot of things.....

Time for a lot of things.....

Well it is the time of the year to be very busy again, hee...

1. There will be a few dinners going on for the next few days

2. There will be a few Christmas celebrations that I was "invited".

3. A wedding to attend on the Christmas eve (on all dates! Hmm....)

4. I jz done with my Christmas shopping, people get ready to collect your presents! Only got close frens got present hor!

5. Work started to get really bz. This is really good or bad? Projects starts to reach their deadline or new projects starting to kick off alr.

Hmm... the only thing is I still got no plan for countdown yet. anyone got any plans?

Today is also the start of the cab price hikes. Sigh.... It is going to cost more to take a cab. Have to cut down on it alr.

Somehow, I still not in the celebration mood for anything yet. Hmm.... Hope this feeling will be going away soon!

A "looking forward to Christmas" Polabear

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