Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Chirstmas Parties!

Post Christmas Parties!

Yesterday and today had been attending post xmas parties by different groups of people. First my ex navy colleagues and the second one is by Yebber an online group of people that I know.

Well the 1st one is over at the west side of our sunny little island, in a condo function room. It was much fun with good food and great catching up with people as well. Had the usual gift exchange. As usual, I dun have any luck at bingo and did not win the PSP. Sob! Sob!

The 2nd one was at the east of our sunny little island, also in a condo function room. I usually dun meet up online frens. Haa... This is different, after the last gathering the whole bunch of people seem like fun people to hang out with. so this Xmas party also got good food and some games that we got to play. Maybe I was shy, did not talk to other people less the ones I already know. Haa.... The night also ended with bingo, me did not play as I was the one spinning the balls out. Haa...

Well finally all Xmas celebrations are over, I got lots of presents at home now. Hee... Need to unwrap and pack them up. Looking forward to counting down for New Year! Heee....

A "still in Xmas mood" Polarbear

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