Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dinner and more Dinners!

Dinner and more Dinners!

Had a few dinners for the past few days. So happy that my frens still remember my birthday is coming and still ask me out to catch up.

Tuesday was my ex colleagues and boss who brought me to a new seafood place at Geylang near Kallang MRT for crabs! Wow we ordered a lot of dishes and crabs of cos and eat until we are full! Hee... A very nice dinner instead and to catch up with them as well. Haa... Thks Gab for the dinner treat!

Wednesday, met up with Danny and SK, my closest frens. Really happy that it was them that asked me out instead of me asking them out. We used to meet up like every week but now we only met up like once every 3 weeks. Meeting them is always something that I look forward cos I can talk to them about everything under the sun. Most of the time, they are also the ones that I will talk to them when i have problems and need some advice. We went to a new place that have steamboat. Not bad but then the ventilation is very bad especially we are seated in a corner. They gave me a present and I gave them christmas presents. Hope you all liked the presents ok! Hee...

Thursday, hmm... met up HW, surprised to receive an sms from him, will still a bit piss off with him over something, but then I dun think he knows what is happening anyway. Sigh... Think I really owe him something in my last life. Well HAPPY to finally meet him for dinner anyway. After some "who ha", decided to eat at Waraku. We were lucky as we after we were seated, the queue was formed and it jz grew longer and longer. Phew! After a good hearty dinner, and a good talk, we went for a little shopping. I feel that it seems that we grew apart as we got older. Hmm... I wonder why? Well sometimes I really cannot stand his attitude as well. I wonder did he treat his other frens like that or jz simply that me for granted!

After so many dinners and had not been hitting the gym, think I am going to be fat again! Haa...

Thks you all for asking me out for dinner! The though and the company is all that matters!

A "very full and blissful" Polarbear

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