Sunday, December 09, 2007

My First Spa Experience

My First Spa Experience

Went for my first spa experience @ The Rainforest Spa @ Yishun Safra.

When first step in, was surprised that the whole place was quiet and empty, however does gave a very calming and peaceful effect.

Since it is our 1st time there, the guy at reception was patient to explain our package to us. Our package includes of

1. Outdoor Jacuzzi & Steam Bath
2. Body Scrub
3. Massage

So we changed before we started and the locker was well equipped with a robe, shorts, slippers and towels.

Before we started, we were served some tea, before we start our Jacuzzi. Since it was outdoor and it was raining, the hot Jacuzzi was a good welcome. Spent about 40 mins in it. We were given fresh towels to dry ourselves.

After which, we were ushered to our respective steam rooms.

While waiting for the scrubs, we were ushered into a holding area, where we can sit down and relax, with hot tea provided.

For our body scrubs, we chose sugar scrub with lavender scent. We were ushered into a room with smoothing music playing at the same time. While lying on the bed, they “forcefully” scrub the lavender scent sugar crystals on us. It is not painful but a little ticklish. All that know me should know how scare I was for tickles. Haa... After which we were asked to shower off. Our bodies were smelling great after it.

After another cup of hot tea, we started our massage. I got the Traditional Indonesian Massage while my partner got Indulgent Aroma Massage. For mine, it was done in a good and forceful way. It did relax all my tensed muscles. The whole massage was smooth and relaxing. The masseur also used enough force as well. After another quick shower, we lazed around with another hot cup of tea, relaxing.

The whole experience was very good and it was done in a professional way as well. It seems that we have the whole place to us as there is no other people at the same time. This was great as we dun feel like rush to complete our package.

A "very relaxed" Polarbear

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