Friday, December 07, 2007

Jz a simple catch up dinner

Jz a simple catch up dinner

One of my fren will be going to Swiss for a year of school soon, so we had a catch up dinner before he flies off. Hee... The response was quite good with a few people turning up. Dinner was a simple affair @ Thai Express and followed by chit chat session @ Starbucks.

We talked about everything under the sun and it was jz fun doing that. It feels good to have them as frens.

One thing, they all ganged up and forced me to join FB. So finally after resisting for long time, I am in. So what is fun inside? Erhh... I still dunno! Only know how to poke ppl only. Haa....

So LC all the best for your studies! To SP, Ben, HC, thks for the dinner, making time for the dinner and we should do it more often. To those who missed out, join us next time ok!

A "blissful" Polarbear

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