Friday, December 21, 2007

I am one year older yet again!

I am one year older yet again!

Yes! 28 years ago today, I was born! Hee...

So LLT planned the whole plan today and I am jz supposed to follow her!

Hee... After yesterday short discussion, I managed to guessed what she intend to do this morning! Prawn fishing! Hee... So we went to the one near Bishan Park and bought 3 hours of time for fishing, with bait and net, off we went. It was fun! Cos the whole place was near empty and we have 4 ponds to choose from. Within 1st 15 mins, I already got my 1st prawn! Wow! The prawn is big! However my luck did not last long. After 2.5 hors, we only caught 10 prawns, while another uncle caught one after another prawns. Sigh. We not skillful enough but it was fun! Let do it again!

After which, we decided to cook the prawns but somehow dunno how to kill the still jumping prawns, in the end, gave up the idea and decided to keep them in the freezer. After which, went to collect something.

Decided to watch a show (National Treasure: Book of Secrets) since we got some spare time in our hands. I will post the review some other time.

Dinner at a Jap BBQ place at Chijmes, Gyu-Kaku. Good but expensive place where we get to cook our food. Fun! Hee... Sorry we did not go to the place that you originally wanna to bring me, I scare that place very expensive leh. Hee....

After which did some window shopping and then rushed home before midnight to cut my birthday cake with my family! Hee...

The day was spent with fun! Thks LLT for planning it!

Really glad that my family and frens still remember my birthday! Me really very touched! Thks for all your presents!

Danny and SK: Adidas watch
HW: My fav pair of slippers from NUM
LLT: A Nike bag and a beautiful Polarbear hand made card
Family: A mango cake

PS: Today is also the release of my exams results. Happy to announce that I have PASSED! Haa.... Last hurdle to cross! FYP here I come!

A "getting older, wiser but hopefully thinner" Polarbear

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