Friday, September 07, 2007

Running Plan 1

Running Plan 1

Still got less than 3 months to the 10 km run and less than 1 week to my reservist, which in turn means IPPT. Hated it! Haa...

I really need to start on my running plan and routine so that I will not be ill prepared for the 10km run. Forget about the IPPT! Will jz go for a attempt can alr. Haa.....

So below is my exercise plan plus my running plan and hope that I will keep to it. Haa...

I should run at least 3 times a week. Wow! That sounds a lot man! Sian! Since I am jz starting off, I should jz start with short distances like 2.5km to 3km. Hee...

So for this month, Sep:

Monday: 2.5 km
Friday: 3km
Sunday morning: 2.5km

Let's stick to this plan for this month and shall see how. Haa... The above plan is on top of the gym sessions/classes and swimming that I will be going as well. Crazy!

Wish me luck!

Hmm... I need a new pair of running shoes!

A "dread of running" Polarbear

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