Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Month, New Beginning

Today marks another new month also another new beginning for me as I will be starting on my new job in another few hours time. I am now keying this as I could not go to sleep, due to excitement maybe.

I have been slacking for the past 2 months plus and sort of getting used to the slacking life. Haha.... I am now a bit afraid to start work as I do not know what to expect and I also feel a bit rusty at things as well.

I am also excited to know new people and to work in a new environment as well. Hope things will work out for me this time and there will be no issues too big for me handle as well. I think I also need to really understand the job scope and see what I really need to do for the next 3 months.

So I assume with the new job, it is going to bring new changes into my life. Let's hope that the changes is not going to be too big. One thing for sure, I will not be attending my usual 6.30pm gym classes. :(

I think I better end now as I really need to go and sleep and wake up early later as I really dun want to be late on my first day right? Hee...

So wish me luck!

A "starting new job" Polarbear

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Orange Lover said...

hello uncle! whoa new job ler.. and so long never meet.. wait till i get well real soon then we meet up okay? promise.. LOL... anyways i've changed my blog link! come and visit and comment :)