Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Finally the second installment is here. I have to say that the first one blew me away and I do have a lot more expectations for this movie when they are going to add in more Transformers in this movie.

However after watching the movie, to me, it fell below my expectations of the movie. The story is simple to follow (in fact not much of a plot there), with lots of explosions and I loved it when Megan Fox is running at times. Haha.... Again, the machines all look alike and when they appeared at the same time, it is hard to differentiate them.

To me, I think they made this movie because they want to earn more money while everyone is keen in this movie. overall, I give this movie 3 stars for just being an entertaining movie. Till now, I think Starwars is still the best Summer Movie.

A "want a Transformer Toy" Polarbear

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