Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire

It was a last minute decision to watch a movie and sort of decided to watch this movie all because of the female lead, Gianna Jun. It was a weekday midnight show yet I am quite surprised that the cinema was almost full! So it seems that a lot of people are either really not working or simply dun care. Haha...

Back to the movie, the plot is simple, a good vampire killing all the bad vampires aka bloodsuckers and in the end killed the most "powerful" one of all with a slight twist in the end. The plot was a letdown, sort of making no sense in the middle of the movie. The cast is sort of an international crew, some with good English and some with bad English. I think the female lead did a great job especially her English was quite good. The special effects of this movie is like so 10 years ago. Lots of action in this movie but none was good. The ending was a disappointed one, it just makes no sense as she defeated the most powerful vampire without even a fight. Hmm.... Overall I give this movie 2 stars out of 5. Luckily I watched this on a weekday. Hee...

I still got so many movies to watch! I think it is time for another movie marathon session. Haha... Anyone keen to join me?

A "long time no watch movie" Polarbear

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