Saturday, August 30, 2008

Singapore Flyer and Fish Spa First Experience

Today had my first try at the Singapore Flyer! Thanks to LLT's sister's company family day event! Hee... For only $6, the package includes a ride at the Singapore Flyer and a lunch at some selected restaurants. We were all excited to go for the ride! So we decided to go for the ride first! I always want to go for a ride since it was opened, just want to see which is better: London Eye or Singapore Flyer?

Thw whole experience is like taking a plane. There is a boarding area to start off with, take a group picture, follow by the ride, and end the trip with a forced stop at the photo buying place. The ride was smooth and very slowly. The view was pretty good and can see pretty far on a very clear day which we had. However, Singapore does not have a lot of things to see while we are being spin around. All HDB flats or roads. When compared, I prefer London Eye as it offers more thing to see and there was a guide which can tells you where to see and what to see, which was not offered by the Singapore Flyer. Dun think I will be back again for another paid ride.

After the ride, we walked around and we walked past a Fish Spa place. We heard so much about it, so we walked in and give it a try! It turns out to be more interesting then the ride itself! Haha.... In this, we put our legs in a tanks full of small little fishes that will feed on the dead skin cells. When we initially put our legs in, the fishes immediately attacked our legs. The feeling was ticklish yet a little pain like ant bites like that. After some time, we got used to it and it felt a little numb. The fishes seem really hungry as they kept coming on feeding off our legs. There must be a lot of dead skin cells. After 30 mins, time is up and we felt our legs were really smoother.

Well I tried quite a number of things in one morning. Pretty interesting morning, all thanks to LLT's sister for the experience.

A "first time experience" Polarbear

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