Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally I saw Fireworks! Fantastic!

Recently, think I had been working a bit too much and feeling a bit stressed over it. So I mentioned about watching fireworks might do some wonders.

All thanks to LLT, she managed to get a pair of tickets to watch the fireworks from the Hippo Cruise Boat. Yes from the river, much closer to the fireworks! Hee... Once I know that we got he tickets, I am so excited about it! Imagine how close we will be watching the fireworks! Hee...

The meet up time at the Clarke Quay ticket office is at 7.30pm. We reached there on time but already to find a crowd in a queue all ready to board the cruise as well. All the kids were excited, but so were us. Hee... Soon it was time to board the boat. There was a little drizzle going on but still decided to sit in the open to make sure that we got to see the fireworks, at the same time hoping that it will not be cancelled.

We were soon on our way along Singapore River. There is a tour guide with us, explaining all the tourist spots along the way. Felt so touristy. Hee... Taking photos along the way. After a short while, we reached the Marina Bay and were anchored just in front of the Esplanade. While we were watching for the fireworks to start, the guide decided to ask us some general tourist questions and to win some prizes. I was lucky enough to make 2 guesses and win two duck quakes whistles. Hee...

After a 30 mins wait, the fireworks finally started! With the music from the Marina Grandstand and the fireworks in front of me, I was totally blown away by it! I was looking at the fireworks in front of me, the right side of me, everywhere was shooting fireworks. While watching it, I was also busy taking pictures and videos of them as well. Below is one of my better picures taken,

After a good 30 mins of fireworks display, and a grand finale of fireworks, the boat slowly headed towards back Clarke Quay. Everyone onboard was still talking about the fireworks and excited about it as well. Once back on shore, we decided to go and grab some dinner as we were totally famished as we decided not go have dinner before the cruise.

Again like to thanks LLT for this special experience, let try to do this every year ok? If we can get the numbers, we might even be able to book our own boat and have a party on onboard!

A "fireworks fanatic" Polarbear

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