Thursday, August 07, 2008


Recently there was a problem at work. Since it was not actually my department issue, I initially stand aside, trying not to get involved.

With a twist of luck, I was sucked into the action. With a lot of people suddenly wanted to have a piece of it and wants to be updated at all times. However it seems that instead of being understanding and help to solve the problem, they actually added in more stress. The rest of the people just use their mouth to talk and no action done while my team was working our ass off trying to solve the problem.

The problem was solved yesterday. When the news spread, everyone was trying to gain credit for it, and people who did not work in the issue even emailed to talk about what we can do to prevent this problem. Since when they know what to do? Where were they when we needed assistance to solve the problem?

At times, I really pity my team who have been working their ass off yet people ate unappreciative of them.

Now rushing on report that other people, who are not involved, are chasing for it. Sigh....

A "very tired" Polarbear

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