Friday, November 07, 2014

Samsung Curved TV (65H8000) Review - Week 1

I was excited when I found out that I was selected for the Samsung Curved TV Leader Facebook Contest. It is not any normal TV but Samsung Curved TV (UA65H8000AK). My main aim is to convince my wife that we can fit a 65” TV comfortably in our living room, at the same time, enhance our viewing pleasure.

The excitement starts when the TV was delivered! Look what difference does it made to my living room once installed! My 55” TV instantly turns into a miniature TV with the 65” TV placed in front. It is really love at first sight! Even my wife admitted that 65” TV sits nicely on our TV console. In short, she agrees that the 65” TV fits in the living room!

Look! Even the TV is asking if I am ready!

The installation of the TV, by the delivery guys, is simple. The TV was removed from the box, screwed the Aero stand to the bottom of TV, hook the TV up to the set-up box, power on the TV and BOOM! The set-up is done.

So what is so special about the Aero stand? It is a strategic T-shaped stand attached to the back panel of the TV which helps to maintain the simple form of the TV and provided a lightweight feel.

My first impression of the Samsung curved TV is WOW! The Aero Curved design of the TV is simply visually stunning. It gives a three dimensional effect (due to the curve) that is aesthetically beautiful at any angle. When not in use, the TV is like a stylish art piece in my living room. I can just look at it all day long! Even the remote control is designed in a form of a curved ward, different from those normal long remote control.

After using the TV for the past few days, I am getting used to the new TV, with all the new functions to explore. My family members and neighbours are all impressed with the Samsung 65” as well! Looking forward to spending more time with the new TV in the coming weeks!

This post is made as part of the Samsung Curved TV Opinion Leader Facebook Contest. Please note that all opinions expressed here are of the writer's and do not represent Samsung.

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Yvonne Chia said...

Stylish look! I love the curve which makes the view perfect. The resolution is gd too! I can see the pores of the actors on tv! Good entertainment device!