Friday, November 14, 2014

Samsung Curved TV (65H8000) Review - Week 2 - Why Curved is Better?

I used to think that a flat screen TV and a curved screen TV would make no difference in a small living room. After all, the only place I know to have curved screens are cinema screens.

Samsung curved screen actually follows natural curvature with the eyes, hence the TV will have the same viewing angle throughout the whole screen and thus bringing less fatigue to the eyes.

The special figure calculated for the TV screen optimal curvature is 4200R (radius). Why 4200R? This was calculated based on a distance of 3 to 4m watching distance, 4200 radius can deliver the best immersion to the viewer. So is this true? My sofa is 3m away from the TV and I do not find the screen or the picture too overwhelming to watch. Even my wife does agree with me on this!

However after using the Samsung Curved TV for a week, I have to say that the curved screen had elevated my viewing experience to another new level. It drew me into the program that I was watching because it provided a panoramic view which wrapped me in. The curvature actually minimizes the distortion that occurs from the difference of the viewing angle between the viewer’s eyes and the flat screen TV.

Top to Bottom: Left view, Centre View, Right View
See any difference?

So now I am one more step closer to getting my wife to agree why 65” Samsung Curved TV is the right TV for our living room! Another 4 more weeks to fully convince her!

A "Curved is Better" Polarbear

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