Saturday, July 29, 2006

What a good workout! What a week!

What a good workout! What a week!

The BIG and FAT polarbear went for gym workout yesterday! I went for BODYCOMBAT and boy was it challenging. Haa....Haa... ok I was unfit. However, it was fun and great and i intend to do it regularly! Must do it ok! It is a good way to relief stress as well.

I have to say that I am under a lot of stress recently. All over my volunteer work... ... Worth it? Haa...Haa.... I dunno. Seems like the ppl all ard me alr in the bo chap attitude, I think i am basically doing other ppl jobs as well. Sian. Sooner or later I will be pushed into a corner and I will bite back, hope that it will not happen.

This week had been a crazy week! Work is crazy as usually and I m trying to get into the groove of the sales at the moment. However, still no much luck at cold calling. Hmm... have to try much more than that. Hope that next week will be better.

School is starting soon and another different type of stress coming up as well. Haa...Haa.....

Going to be a bz weekend. Hope that everything will go according to plan and things will work out.

Till then take care

PS: To my long lost twin, you seem moody and stressed out recently, I am glad that you can share with me all your thoughts and complains. I dun mind being the listening ear ok. So next time if u need some listening ear jz let me know ok... ....

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Lost Twin said...

Thanks to my lost twin for willing to lend me your listening ear! I'll be more than glad to lend you my listening ear too. Cheer up & don't get so stressed up,k? :)