Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal is the latest gameshow on Ch 5 and after watching it for a few times, I begin to love show. Y? Haa....

1) Adrian Pang is a great host for the show. He knows how to pace and control the mood of the show.

2) The 26 gorgeous ladies holding the 26 suitcases. Need to say more? *Nose Bleeds* The way they walk down the staircase to the way they talk and wish the contestant good luck! *Faint*

3) The game format is brainless. Choose a suitcase that you think holds $250,000 and then slowly open up the rest of the suitcases and hope that they dun contain $250,000. The banker will offer you a sum of $$ to buy back the suitcase. Either you take the offer or no deal. It is all about luck and guts! No blood no glory!

4) The wacky contestants. Haa... I find it fun to see them succumb under stress. Haa... I wished to be in their shoes also and see me how I will react under stress. Haa... Will I be as cool as a cucumber? Hmm....

The only thing bad thing bad about the show is the audience! Every deal also no deal, no deal! Of cos la, easy for you all to say that cos not your $$ mah! @(*#^%(!*^#@%

So have you caught the show alr? If not what are u waiting for? Every Wednesday, 8.30pm.

You can also try the online game on theiw website:

A "Deal or No Deal" Polarbear

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