Thursday, May 31, 2007

Never go MAMBO when next day is a holiday!

Never go MAMBO when next day is a holiday!

Since 2molo is Vesak Day, decided to jio a grp of "clubbers" to go MAMBO. It was to clock my quota as well, as I can only club once every 3 mths. Haa.... A rule that I set to myself! Haa..... Discipline right?

So I started sending out invitations a month ago and ppl started to reply and before I know it, I got a grp of considerable big grp. Good huh? But the worst is yet to come... ...

Well then the day arrive and then ppl start to fly aeroplane. Expected but still sian! Haa... I am used to it as I am always the organiser for outings you see! So during the day, I became the airport controller, trying to "depart" my fren's aeroplanes from my airport. All together I got 4 aeroplanes taking off with the last one departed jz 2 hours before the meeting time!

So even though the airport was bz, I still got a grp of 7 ppl that joined me that night. So happily went to Zouk and then saw the crowd. My jaw dropped! Really Ppl mountain, ppl sea! Lucky the queue was moving quite fast and we were in within a few mins. Soon the whole place was packed to sardines, can't even move!

My frens who are late arrived and were stuck in the queue outside. So after a long wait my frens decided to go to other places then. Sigh... ... It seems like I nvr have the fate to club with HW. Sad... .... Even though not his fault for being late and had to end up queening outside. Intended to drink the night with him though. Next time bro!

Place packed like sardines nvr mind then the worst thing happened! THE MUSIC SUCKS! Even though it was MAMBO nite, the music is NOT! I think the DJ got Vesak Day mood, played the usual MAMBO songs with all the weird slow songs in between that killed the mood of everyone! No one is moving in the dance floor leh! Haa....

Another reason y no one is moving at the dancefloor cos too many ppl got drunk too early alr! By midnite, I think got more than 5 drunk ppl surrounding our grp, both male and female! Well I hate that. If you cannot drink, DUN DRINK at all, drink fruit punch! Lie there like a dead body or doing silly things when it is already freaking packed and no other places to move. Their friends also very funny lo. Friend drunk already, still can take their drunk photo and started laughing at it!?! A bit...... DUH! If I got this kind of friends, I would make them drunk and then stripped them naked and leave them out in the streets! Of cos need to take photo and laugh as well!

So due to the above factors we decided leave early, now is the challenging part! We got to squeeze though tons of ppl to get out while someone decided to lose a bracelet and go back and look for it! This is not the first time she lost something though! Haa.... A bit erhh...... Pls fill in the blank. Finally we are out after squeezing tons and tons of ppl and headed for prata.

This is the 1st time, I did not dance at MAMBO, I did not sweat at MAMABO and it was NO FUN at all!

Lesson learnt: Never go MAMBO when next day is a holiday! I rather take half day leave the next day!

A "Mambo-less" Polarbear

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