Thursday, May 31, 2007

End of May 07

End of May 07

This whole month nothing much happened though cos the most important thing was MY EXAMS! Boring! Hope that I can pass the 2nd paper! That is all I am hoping for. Nothing much!

Due to my exams, I only watched like 3 movies this month. A new RECORD for me! Though I watched Spiderman 2 times! I jz loved it!

Using exam as a valid reason, Haa..., I did not go to gym as often as I used to. End result, I got fat again! Haa... Kena complain already! That y now bz doing damage control. Haa...

Since I got back to HQ, my workload had been increasing! I had given up hope on going back to the old place but then I am still hoping. Haa.... So busy here leh!

Well now jz chilling out one corner and trying to get my life back! Quite a number of activities for next few months. Concerts, Play, Diving and many more! Cool! Haa....

A "Boring May" Polarbear

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