Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kyile Minogue's Concert

This is the concert that I have been waiting for years. Since the last concert where she is supposed to be here (before she discovered she had breast cancer), I had been waiting for her to hold her concert again. When the news came out that she will be here, I was so excited. However sad to say that the prices of her tickets also increased a few times as well. The most expensive tickets at $500 counting down. Of course, I could not afford the $500 tickets and therefore only bought the $150 ones, the first row of the $150. Hee....

All I can say the concert started off with a bang and ended off with a bang. She was totally wonderful and performed to her best for an almost 2 hour show! I was pretty much on my feet for the 2 hours dancing and singing along. It was fantastic to see her live. She seem so small on the stage but still every movement she will be able to capture everyone attention on her and no one else. Everything was good, from costumes to the backdrop that they had used. It was totally worth every cent!

I hereby declared that this was the best concert I have seen so far. I so want to fly to Hong Kong and see her again!

A "can't get you out of my head" Polarbear

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