Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wong Lee Hom's Concert

Did not really expect to go and watch this concert. Since there happened to be free tickets, why not? Haha...

Well it was supposed to be a pair of the balcony tickets when we arrived, we were "upgraded" eventually to a better seat where we are closer to the stage. I am not a big fan of him actually.

When the concert started, he did sound a bit weird but he improved as the concert goes on. Since we were seated at the side, we cannot really see what is going on the stage or what the LCD is showing. It has the usual stuff of the concert. The surprising part was when he did the magic trick and appeared at the other end of the hall.

After the whole concert, I was quite impressed by him but not totally blown away by him. Next time, I don't think I will pay to see his concert though.

A "happy to get free tickets" Polarbear

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