Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March 07

End of March 07

3rd month into 2007. So fast hor, one quarter of the year gone alr. This month had been a busy mth for me. Can say it is a crazy month.

Started a few things like my swimming routine, blading, tried wakeboarding, watched a play, watched Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo etc. Haa... Also started on my assignment as well and much time was spent trying to complete it in time.

Since so many new things also meant that some things have to cut down like going to gym, watched less movies (Did I? Ok I watch 7 movies in Mar though.) and less time for family and frens.

Hmm... sort of ending the mth with a bang by going to Clinic and MOS. Had to say that the experience was bad, not impressed with the clubs at all. In fact, it is disappointing for me. Dun think I will be going back soon. Mambo still the best! Haa... However the night was saved by the great gang of ppl ard me then. Fun! Next stop: Cafe Del Mar!

Next month going to be adjusting to some changes like change of job location, maybe less time for gym and more school work and exams coming as well. Sigh... Going to be bz for the next 2 months then. Hee... Looking forward to Jolin's concert and The Phantom of the Opera! Woohoo!

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