Monday, March 26, 2007

Nike Plus (+) Experience

Nike Plus (+) Experience

Polarbear registered to try out Nike Plus experience at YCK stadium yesterday evening. Haa.... It was fun though even got running is involved.

What is Nike Plus experience ? Nike and Apple worked together and produce a gadget which is incorporated with a pair of Nike running shoes, an Ipod Nano. A sensor was placed at the sole of the shoe and it is able to calculate the time, distance run and even calories burnt when you are running. With a touch of the button on the nano, a voice will be telling you all the information that you will required while listening to the music. Haa... How cool is that?

After running, all the running information can be downloaded and a graph is created to show the profile of the run. You can also set target on what is the total distance that you want to run in a month or how much calories you want to burn in a month. It will help you to track all these as well. If you wanna to have a mini competition with your fren, it can be done as well to see who had reach their target first. Haa....

After trying it for 15 mins, it does make running less tiring and more fun. The shoes with the sensor inside is very light as well. The design of the shoe also very good and comfortable for running.

Overall the experience was great and makes me wanna to own it. Hmm... In that case, I would need to buy an IPOD Nano, the gadget and a pair of the Nike Plus running shoes. Haa..... The cost of the shoes ranges from $180 to $200 plus. The gadget cost around $50 plus. A 2GB IPOD Nano $200 plus onwards. Hmmm..... Big investment jz to look good and to force me to run huh. Haa.... Great! Anyone to sponsor me anything? Pls feel free to let me know ok!

After the whole thing, we were invited to do a little video interview with them in my messy hairstyle and wet t-shirt. Hope they will not select us then. Haa....

The only bad thing is there is not discount coupons or lucky draw for trying it out. Sigh! They should have one. In the end only got a one day pass for Fitness First. Haa....

I am very tempted to get it!

I promised to run more with it ok! Hee.... Wink! Wink! *Get the HINT*

A very tempted Polarbear

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