Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Said something supposed to be funny and it backfired!

Said something supposed to be funny and it backfired!

Yesterday after gym, was freaking tired from it as I had put in all my energy into the class. Haa... From the next gym session onwards, I decided to run at the treadmill for 5 mins at speed of 9. Haa.... The time shall slowly increase with the speed as well.

I made a bad decision on my way bad and sort of triggered something off after that. Everything went downhill from there onwards and I was banished to Winter Palace! Sigh.... ..... This morning was even given the cold shoulder treatment. So cold and so lonely!

Hope this will not last long and I will be asked back into summer palace again! So what am I going to do meantime? I dunno. I did whatever I could and should have done already!

A "trying to be funny but kena burnt" Polarbear


Finally, I was forgiven. Hee... I hope. I found out the main culprit that caused the bad mood and it is something called PMS. Oh yes, I will be going to work all alone the whole of next month. If you see me on the train, pls say hi to me.

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