Friday, March 30, 2007

Time for a change again!

Time for a change again!

Haa.... Dun worry I am not going to change job again but I am going back to HQ again. Apparently, the long term plan for us had not been approved yet. So my time here is up and I am going back to HQ. It is both good ad bad news for me. Haa....

Good news:
1) Change of environment.
2) No more Mr Ok Ok aka Uncle, he will be all alone here
3) HQ nearer to my home
4) HQ got work awaiting for me to do. (This can be considered both good and bad. Haa...)

Bad news:
1) Have to go to work alone every morning, mean less time spent together, no bf. Haa.
2) Jz settled down here, got a swimming program going. Got to change now.
3) Cannot make it in time for 6.30 gym classes.
4) HQ further away from school and town.

Still I am happy to go back and hope that the plan get approved soon and I will be back!

I started swimming last week and managed to swim another 40 laps this week. Shiok! This will have to change from now. Hope that I can also swim more when I go back to HQ. Haa...

No more Mr Ok Ok, this is great! Me really cannot stand him already. Even the ppl sitting beside my cubicle was complaining to me that he snores when he is napping. So what am I supposed to do? So once I know of the news that I am going back, I handed all my stuff (including outstanding work) to him. I wanna to see him suffer! Haa... Which I doubt so will happen. Haa....

I am going to the Clinic tonight. No I am not sick. I am toking about the other Clinic. Hope that it will be fun. Hope to see a lot of nurses who I am willing to let then inject me anytime! Haa... Never been there before and going with a big group as well.

Had been raining for the past few days. Hmm.... Sunny in the morning and raining in the afternoon. Better take care if not going to fall sick again!

A "going back home" Polarbear

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