Thursday, March 08, 2007

What an "interesting" day!

What an "interesting" day!

First of all, I found out that Mr Ok Ok lied to me yesterday and it is damn funny as well. Haa....
He went off to the toilet and to refill his water bottle I supposed, then I decided to do the same as well. So When I reached the water cooler, he was not there. When I went toilet, he was not there as well, in fact the whole toilet was empty. Next I was about to open the door and go to my table, I saw him walking out.

Hmm.... The distance to from my table to the toilet is a less than a min walk but he took more than 5 mins, so this means he is away walking one big round, not very big actually, and kapoing into others ppl's cubicle. WTF! If I saw a stranger in my cubicle, I will make sure he will never step into my cubicle again by scolding him until he cries! Haa.... Anyway I am not stalking him or what, but he needs my pass to open the door to get his ass back into the office at the moment so I am his "nanny".

Well after which, Mr Ok Ok came back and I ask him.

Polarbear (P) : U went water cooler right? How come I did not see you?

Mr Ok Ok (O): Erhh..... I went to toilet.

P: I also went but toilet empty.

O: Erhhh.... ....

P: U went to other floor toilet?

O: Ya Ya!

WTF! Outright lying in front of me! Sigh! This is only one of the stories only. There is still a lot more! How to work with these kind of ppl! Kill me now instead! I seriously doubt I can work with these kind of ppl alr. Sigh! Someone pls help me! Everyday sure got story to tell ppl one. Haa... I have never seen a loser like that before!

In fact now everyday I need to see him, I sian alr. Sigh! Hope that he get clearance done and his pass soon and I will nvr ever escort him again! I no need to care about him alr.

Haa... Met Siti and Catherine for lunch. A nice change of lunch buddies for me. Haa...

As usual gym after work, nice workout again! The class very quiet but all working very hard during combat. Boy! I was tired after it. Then LLT want to see laptop, so went over to IT Fair. The crowd there was crazy even though it was 1 hr before closing time. Saw some Toshiba laptop and the next thing we know it, she is now a proud owner of a new Toshiba laptop. Haa... All thks to me!

The poor little guy that was selling us the laptop was so funny when we went back and asked a few more questions and the next time I said was "Ok we will take one". he jz dazed down there and thought that we were joking with him. Haa.... Until I told him the 2nd time then he sprang into action. Haa.... After that was a crazy rush, to get all the free gifts and the lucky draw coupons. Haa...

After which, grab something to eat and was on our way home. Saw something or should be someone very interesting. A BIG-SIZED GAL wearing pink from head to toe with two pony tails at the side, with pink socks up to her knees! The moment I saw her, I wanna to puke and laugh at the same time! Haa... She looked DISGUSTING! How old alr? Still wanna to act cute lo! Haa.... Still got a boyfriend some more! What is wrong with his eyes? Need 2 check up his eyes alr.

The day started off with pissed off mood and to end with up happy mood, all thks to the PINK GAL! Haa....

An interesting Polarbear

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