Friday, March 23, 2007

If you dunno, dun anyhow say ok?

If you dunno, dun anyhow say ok?

I dun like ppl that anyhow say things without confirming or thinking that what they had said is correct.

Recently, I heard this from my fren. Her fren was asking her when she is going to watch Phantom Of The Opera (Yes they are coming to town, jz in case you dunno), and she replied going to watch the matinee show (which means the afternoon shows during weekends, the weekdays are all night time shows).

Then her fren aka Mdm L (who is going to watch the night time show and is a HE) started going on, saying that for the matinee there is a risk of the under studies (or the back up singers) going to sing the shows rather than the main leads themselves or the "so called" original cast.

Hmm... that statement that Mdm L made shows that he himself is a play or musical idiot! Wanna to show off something yet in the end slap himself in the face.

First thing, it is the Phantom of the Opera! You know who is going to play as the lead? Dunno, then shut up. Cos even they got a understudy to take over you also dunno right? As long as they are selected to be part of the cast, I think they are good enough for anyone. Even the actual leads will have their off days as well ok! (Not I am cursing the actors, but hope that the day that Mdm L watch will be their worst day ever! Forget lyrics, move to the wrong place, mic not working etc. Haa.... Me so evil! Right!)

Second thing, the original cast will have to be the pioneer group which consist of the Sarah Brightman and gang, who since moved on. Right now there are at least 3 to 4 groups of actors playing Phantom of the Opera every night at London or New York Broadway and some other countries who are touring. So all these consider as understudies? Come on! Wake up ur bloody idea! Every musical or play sure to have understudy one. In case of emergencies, they can take over as well. Better to have someone sing the show, then for them to cancel the whole thing right.

Third thing, this is not Forbidden City, where they state "Forbidden City starring Kit Chan". Did Phantom of the Opera states the leads' name? No they dun. So of cos for Forbidden City, I am paying to watch Kit Chan, therefore of cos when the understudy came out and sing instead of her, I will be disappointed, especially they did not announced the swap before the show starts. Lucky me, I got Kit Chan singing in my face the day that I was watching. Haa....

Fourth Thing, some idiot (finger pointing at Mdm Lee) who dun even watch plays or musicals (Hmm.... I USED to know him personally, that is y I know) spend much more $$ on the same seats that I have bought. By the way, the nearer you are sitting to the stage does not mean the better the seats! Idiot! Do your homework before you buy tickets!

For Esplanade case, if you are buying the stall seats, try not to buy the first 5 rows nearest to the stage (that is y usually they are sold as CAT 2 tickets instead of CAT 1 tickets), cos they are too near the stage and you dun have a full view of the stage and every time you will need to look left and right. Very tiring for the neck as well. It is a lesson learnt for me.

Never see someone dunno anything yet still say so much.

BTW, he is the same person that wore gloves for combat classes where gloves are used for a different reason. I wonder he knows the real reason behind it. Hmm..... Dun follow the trend blindly lo.

A "bey tahan" Polarbear

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