Friday, April 06, 2007

A Good Friday indeed!

A Good Friday indeed!

Finally a long weekend and a holiday after a month! Haa.... Good time to go and scuba dive but...

Since the holiday started on Thursday night, as usual, it is a gym session. I regretted attending the Sculpt and Abs class and I was late for combat! So after which we will catch a movie and this time round we chose to catch some arty farty movie, "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone" by a Malaysian born but based in Taiwan director, Tsai Ming-Liang, who produced a "porn" show last time round.

Review from InCinemas: "After being attacked and robbed in Kuala Lumpur, the homeless Hsiao Kang is taken in by some Bangladeshi workers. One of them, Rawang, lets Hsiao Kang sleep beside him on an old mattress he has found. As he nurses Hsiao Kang’s wounded body, he feels calm and contented. Is it because of the mattress or because of Hsiao Kang? Chyi, who waits tables in a small coffee shop, is also nursing someone: her lady boss’s paralysed son. Chyi hates her life. When she happens to meet Hsiao Kang, her body fills with lustful desires. However, her difficulty in finding a place to have sex with him brings home to her just how little freedom she has.

As Hsiao Kang slowly recovers, he finds himself caught between Rawang and Chyi, pleading for attention like a stray cat but equally capable of fluttering away as free as a moth. Chyi’s lady boss also develops lustful feelings for Hsiao Kang, finding that he resembles her paralysed son...

Meanwhile a heavy haze envelops the city that is so humid that it reeks of the sweat of its multi-ethnic population. These men and women and the old mattress lose their way in the haze, but perhaps find each other …"

After watching the show, I think I understand what the director is trying to show. Haa... The whole show almost got no dialogue from the male and female lead. Somehow, I dun understand why he uses sex to be the common link between the actors. Haa... Including the one between the 2 men. Wonder they jz wanna to sleep together or they did more? Hmm....Many more questions to be ask after the show then. Haa... Overall will give the show 3 stars out of 5.

One thing to say also not booking tickets online from Cathay will not have any credit card discount alr. Sianz... For the discount, got to buy it over counter. Not fair right? Sad. Think I will watch less shows from Cathay from now onwards! Sigh.... Me very sad at the thought of that!

On Good Friday, woke up early and went for 2 hrs of Combat Special! Haa... It was great and I managed to survive from it! The whole 2 hours! The feeling of completing it was great! Haa... Looking forward to more of these kinda of sessions!

After which, decided to go for my long over due haircut at an expensive salon. Haa... No shop names mentioned here ok. Have to say that it is a bit expensive for cut and blow ($42 but I got a discount). However the experience was great and now I got a "boyish" looking hairstyle. The kind that I like, minimum styling and easy to style as well. The wash experience was kinda of funny as it felt very ticklish. Haa...

Next with my new haircut, decided to go for a shopping spree and bought a very youthful looking shirt and T shirt to wear and someone got a gift from me as well! Haa... hope you like the T shirt ok! At least it is in your favourite colour.

After which, I went home and rot while someone got other appointments. Haa... Going to be like this for the next few days as well. Poor me. Sob! Sob!

So excited! I am going to attend Jolin's Concert 2molo! It will be great and I got front row seats some more! So looking forward to the concert and have a fun time there! So what I am going to wear 2molo for the concert? Hmm... This will be the first out of 3 concerts I will be attending in the upcoming months! How cool is that? Haa.....

An excited Polarbear with a boyish haircut

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