Monday, April 30, 2007

End of Apr 07

End of Apr 07

Wow another month passed by in a flash! This month can say that it is quite a bring month as I spent most of the time on my school assignments, rushing deadlines and work. Super Sian! Haa....

On work wise, I moved back to my HQ to work and boy there are tons of things for me to learn, pick up and work on. Crazy! Working on projects and getting to read up as many things so that I can understand the things that I am doing. Had to say that from Nov until now, this month is the busiest for me. Haa.... Means no more slacking!

On studies, I am getting more sian but still cannot give up on it. Assignments to rush before the deadline, well almost as I had to asked for extension, one of the 1st in my course of studies. This semester, I think I took up subjects that are quite tough and seem like I dun understand what is going on. Hm... So I got to spend more time on studying alr, exams coming.

Since I am so busy with work and school, it means that I had little time for myself and frens. Did not spend a lot of time in gym, getting lazier. Haa... Still watched a couple of interesting movies, due to school no more free movies for me. The highlight of this month would be Jolin's Concert and The Phantom of the Opera. Glad that I made time for it and did not missed either one of them. Haa..... Both of them also made my wallet lighter as well.

Seems like next month, going to be the same busy with school, work and EXAMS! Sigh!!! So going to start after I completed that last 2 assignments which is a pain in the ass! Meantime I think I got less time to blog alr. Hee....

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