Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally submitted my Lab Report uncompleted!

Finally submitted my Lab Report uncompleted!

Had a hard time for the past 2 weeks trying to complete my 2 lab reports!

So stressed about it that it was terrible!

One was done and submitted on time, however one was not completed and extension of deadline was given until today, 3 days extension!

However till now I still got no idea how to do the lab therefore I decided to do whatever I can and submitted the uncompleted report. Hope for the best! This is the 1st time that I had submitted an uncompleted assignment. So disappointed of myself! Sigh. Hope that I can scrap through this report. No one to help me, seems that people are really selfish! Sigh!

I had allocated all my time to doing my assignments that I had not been doing things like work, gym, watching movies etc. So poor thing!

Two more assignments to go before my exams!

Going to watch a movie later with LLT. Haa... Finally!

A "lab report / assignment phobia" Polarbear

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