Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poor Oscar!

Poor Oscar!

Recently, found a few dry blood clots on Oscar and he seems to be bleeding and kept on scratching. Scared that it is some skin problems, decided to bring him to the vet for check up.

He came back, looking like this:

Poor thing, look at the sad face!. That plastic thingy is supposed to stop him from scratching himself. He is also uncomfortable with it. Whenever he knocks into something, he will jz pause there. Haa.....

So with some cream and medicine, he is feeling better already!

Seem like he got some bumps as well, something like pimples, on his body, doc said that he is allergic to his dog food. So we might to change another brand of food, with no chicken or lamb inside.

A "poor thing for Oscar" Polarbear

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